Photo of Rachel  Buxton

Rachel Buxton

Assistant Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. (University of Victoria), M.Sc. (Memorial University), Ph.D. (University of Otago)
Office:4438 Herzberg Building

I am a conservation scientist at Carleton University whose interdisciplinary research aims to guide and mobilize conservation solutions. My main research interests include soundscapes, seabird ecology, ecological restoration, the link between biodiversity and human health, and systematic conservation planning. Part of my research program focuses on the impact of noise pollution and the benefits of natural sound, quantifying the relationship between sound and biodiversity patterns, and the importance of the acoustic environment for the health of wildlife and humans. I also examine information gaps to achieve biodiversity conservation targets in Canada. More recently, my work explores nature-based solutions for healthy people and nature in Canadian cities. I work with groups of practitioners, decision-makers, Indigenous peoples, and stakeholders to ensure my research is applicable to support conservation policy and practice. In drawing from my experiences as a research scientist, mom, life-long learner, teacher, mentor, and community member, I am committed to making a difference for biodiversity conservation and environmental justice.

Selected Publications

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