Having the opportunity to teach is a blessing! Teaching enables us to communicate complex scientific concepts clearly for each student. Often we need to explain the same concept differently and that helps us to better understand the core idea of each topic. Teaching often helps us to come up with novel research ideas.

We are committed to teaching the fundamentals of thermal and aerosol sciences and advancing technologies in these fields based on the needs of society. Our teaching together with the interdisciplinary research focused on energy storage/conversion technologies as well as nanoparticle engineering prepares students for the highly competitive, yet fruitful market on renewable energies and advanced functional materials.

Below is a list of courses taught/co-taught by Prof. Kholghy:

Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C (U Toronto, Winter 2016)

Fundamentals of Combustion (U Toronto, Winter 2017)

Mass Transfer (ETH Zurich, Fall 2018)

Micro and Nanoparticle Engineering (U Carleton, Fall 2020)

Fluid Mechanics (U Carleton, Winter 2020, Fall 2020)

Applied Thermodynamics (U Carleton, Winter 2020)