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Aynur Gunenc

Functional foods, bioprocessing, bioavailibility, phytochemicals, upcycled foods

Department: Chemistry, Food Science and Nutrition Program

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Courses: FOOD 3002 Food Analysis, FOOD 4001/5104 Food Quality Control, FOOD 3003 Food Packaging and Shelf Life

Selected Publications

K Dornan, A Gunenc, BD Oomah, F Hosseinian. 2021. Odd chain fatty acids and odd chain phenolic lipids (alkylresorcinols) are essential for diet. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society 98 (8), 813-824.

YA Chait, A Gunenc, F Bendali, F Hosseinian. 2020. Simulated gastrointestinal digestion and in vitro colonic fermentation of carob polyphenols: Bioaccessibility and bioactivity. LWT: Food Science and Tehcnology, 117, 108623.

A Gunenc, L Kong, RJ Elias, GR Ziegler. 2018. Inclusion complex formation between high amylose corn starch and alkylresorcinols from rye bran. Food chemistry 259, 1-6.