About CU Food and Media Hub

CU Food and Media Hub works to advance communication scholarship that uses food as an object of analysis and subject of knowledge mobilization. It acts as a communication hub for the nascent interdisciplinary cluster of food researchers at Carleton University, and facilitates collaborations with researchers at other institutions.

The Hub is co-directed by Myriam Durocher and Irena Knezevic

Food and Media Intersections

Food as a cultural object has a notable presence in the field of communication and media studies, but this presence has been generally limited to literary-criticism treatments of food media, analyses of food advertising and nutritional advice, and to some extent questions of food and risk. The work of CU Food and Media Hub accommodates this type of research, but its central aims are to use online platforms and multimedia approaches to:

  1. Mobilize the findings from the wealth of current community-based food research in the Ottawa region and across Canada;
  2. Work across disciplines at CU to more intentionally influence food scholarship with critical perspectives from communication studies; and
  3. Work within our field to encourage communication scholars to more deliberately include community food initiatives, food systems, and food environments in our research and pedagogy.

For more information, contact Irena Knezevic (irena.knezevic@carleton.ca)

The Hub pages are still under construction.