Photo of Marylynn Steckley

Marylynn Steckley

Political ecology; Ethical consumption and dietary aspirations; Global food economy; Race, class and food sovereignty

Department: Global and International Studies


Courses: Globalization and Food: GINS 4900

Selected Publications

Steckley M, and J. Steckley 2018Gender, land grabbing and prospects for women’s livelihoods in Haiti. The Journal of Feminist Economics. DOI:

Weis T., M. Steckley, and B. Frayne. 2018. Cheap Industrial Food and the Urban Margins. Ed. Jonathan Crush. Hungry Cities Partnership Discussion Papers No. 16.

Steckley, M. 2016. Eating Up the Social Ladder: How dietary aspirations limit prospects for food sovereignty in Haiti. Agriculture and Human Values 33(3)549-562

Steckley M., and T. Weis. 2016Peasant Balances, Neoliberalism, and the Stunted Growth of Non-Traditional Agro-Exports in Haiti.The Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 41(1). DOI: 10.1080/08263663.2015.1130293