Photo of Patricia Ballamingie

Patricia Ballamingie

Just and sustainable food systems; Food policy & governance; Environmental conflict & democracy

Department: Department of Geography & Environmental Studies / Institute of Political Economy 


Courses: ENST/GEOG 4007: Localizing Food Systems; ENST 4400/GEOG 4000: Community-Engaged Food Systems Research

Selected Publications

Ballamingie, P., Blay-Palmer, A.D., Knezevic, I., Lacerda, A.E.B., Nimmo, E.R., Stahlbrand, L., & Ayalon, R. (2020, Spring). Integrating a food systems lens into discussions of urban resilience: Analyzing the policy environment. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, 9(3): 227-243. Retrieved from

Ballamingie, P., Poitevin-DesRivières, C., & Knezevic, I. (2019, Fall). Hidden Harvest’s transformative potential: An example of ‘community economy’. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, 9(1): 125-139. Available at: DOI:

Ballamingie, P., Andrée, P., Martin, M.A., & Pilson, J. (2017). Chapter 1: Connecting food access and housing security: Lessons from Peterborough, Ontario. In I. Knezevic, A.D. Blay-Palmer, C.Z. Levkoe, P. Mount & E. Nelson (Eds.) Nourishing Communities: From Fractured Food Systems to Transformative Pathways. New York, NY, USA: Springer, pp 3-22.