The Geotechnical Engineering and Infrastructure Research Group (GEIRG) explores the influence of geohazards and climate change effects on the performance of core infrastructure (e.g. roads, buried pipelines, culverts). The research group leverages the expertise of a multidisciplinary team utilizing an integrated research framework that encompasses remote sensing, laboratory testing, physical modelling and numerical simulation tools.

Principal Investigator

Shawn Kenny, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Associate Professor in Geomechanics,
Associate Director of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Civil Engineering

Graduate Students – Highly Qualified Personnel

Elham Nakhostin, Ph.D. (In Progress)
Performance of Deteriorated Culverts Using Finite Element Methods
Carleton University

Robert Martin, M.A.Sc. (In Progress)
Satellite Imagery Used to Evaluate Geohazards and Assess Integrity of Civil Infrastructure
Carleton University

Xiaoan He, M.A.Sc. (Spring 2019)
Performance of Liners Used to Rehabilitate Pipe Using Finite Element Methods
Carleton University

Robert McDonald, M.A.Sc. (Spring 2018) co-supervised with Prof. P. Van Geel
Predicting the Mechanical Behaviour of Solid Waste Using Numerical Methods
Carleton University

Gabrielle Marcotte, M.A.Sc. (Spring 2018) co-supervised with Prof. S. Sivathayalan
Oblique Axial-Lateral Pipe/Soil Interaction Events in Loose and Dense Cohesionless Soil
Carleton University

Kshama Roy, Ph.D. (Spring 2018) co-supervised with Prof. B. Hawlader
Numerical Modelling of Pipe-Soil and Anchor Soil Interactions in Dense Sand
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Peter Oliver, M.A.Sc. (Fall 2017) co-supervised with Prof. C. Samson
Satellite Imagery Used to Evaluate Geohazards and Assess Integrity of Civil Infrastructure: Case Studies from Eastern Ontario

Bhavani Kotipalli, M.Eng. Project (Fall 2016)
Life cycle assessment of pavement infrastructure
Carleton University

Kenton Pike, Ph.D. (Fall 2016)
Physical and Numerical Modelling of Pipe/Soil Interaction Events for Large Deformation Geohazards
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Alireza Ebrahimi, Ph.D. (Fall 2016)
Local Buckling Response of Subsea Flexible Pipe
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Xiaotong Huo, M.A.Sc. Thesis (Fall 2015)
A Study of Mechanical Integrity for Unequal Wall Thickness Transitions Joints in Pipelines
Memorial University of Newfoundland