ID33 | Addis Ababa University

Improving access to financial services for women in Ethiopia


ID40 | University of Energy and Natural Resources

Assessing the impact of solar panels to improve energy access for women


ID47 | University of Uyo

Improving the design of upland fish drying technology for female fish vendors

ID57 | Lagos State University

Developing a hybrid fish dryer to improve processing for small-scale female processors

ID65 | Edo State Polytechnic Usen

Constructing an eco-friendly generator for low-income female artisans


ID71 | University of Mauritius

Developing small wind turbines with local women for domestic use


ID73 | University of Rwanda

Improving the design process for housing and public spaces based on women’s experiences

ID74 | University of Rwanda

Improving transportation systems for women in Rwanda


ID79 | University of Dar es Salaam

Modernizing the batik industry to improve income for women in Tanzania