Our graduate students and staff are located in two rooms in the Canal Building, overlooking the Rideau Canal.

With a close relationship with Carleton’s Facilities Management and Planning unit, we have access to vast amounts of energy and other data. And we are able to incorporate controls and monitoring equipment seamlessly. Specifically, we have extensive indoor environmental quality, energy, and occupancy/occupant interaction data for three campus buildings (including the new Health Sciences Building), shown below. The 27 rooms in the Health Sciences Building, with¬†which we can perform extensive monitoring and controls research campaigns, represents a, unparalleled state-of-the-art facility.

Three buildings that we study intensively. From left: Health Sciences Building, River Building, Canal Building.

Flow meter for measuring heating fluid flow rate and delta temperature, from which heat input rate can be derived. About 40 flow rate meters are installed to measure the heating input in 27 offices.

Overview of sensors, actuators, and other equipment installed in 27 rooms.

Site meeting to discuss progress of research equipment installation

The BIM model for the Health Sciences Building

Grad students Curtis and Adam enjoying a tour of the Health Sciences Building

Other equipment and facilities includes:

  • indoor environmental quality measurement equipment
  • a large collection of deployable data loggers (temperature, RH, illuminance, window state, etc.)
  • a thermal camera
  • the CHEeR house (a large research house for testing new technologies on campus)

We also work closely with a number of building operators and have access to data from many buildings.

CHEeR house

CHEeR house

Canal from West