Photo of Zixiao (Shawn) Shi

Zixiao (Shawn) Shi

Alumnus (now at NRC)

Degrees:M.S.CE. (Purdue), B.S.CE. (Purdue)

Zixiao(Shawn) received both his bachelor (2011) and master (2012) degrees of science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, U.S.A. With an academic emphasis in architectural engineering, he explored a wide range of topics related to high-performance building and occupants’ health and comfort. After graduation, he worked as a building sustainability consultant for one and half year. During this period, he accumulated extensive experience in building energy modeling and earned his LEED AP credential.
He is now a Ph.D. student at Carleton University under the supervision of Dr. Liam O’Brien. His research interest is in building performance simulation, diagnostics and model predictive controls.

Current Research Projects:

Model based building zone fault detection and diagnostics

Campus level data visualization using Cesium (demo)