The objective of this project is to advance the state of the art of occupant modelling to support building design. It is comprised of a roadmap, assessment of current simulation tools and practice, providing educational and training material, and developing a detailed case study. As major deliverables become available, they will be posted below. Please also refer to the Google Scholar and ResearchGate pages of Profs. Liam O’Brien (Scholar, RG) and Burak Gunay (Scholar, RG) and researchers Mohamed Ouf, Sara Gilani, Aly Abdelalim, and Tareq Abuimara.

Project partners are Natural Resources Canada, RWDI, Autodesk, and National Research Council of Canada. This project would not have been possible without their generous contributions and valuable feedback and collaboration.

The final report is available here.

Educational and training resources

Best Practices Guidebook on Advanced Occupant Modelling

Tutorial part 1

Tutorial part 2

Tutorial part 3

Slides: Download slides

Model used in tutorial: Download EnergyPlus model and weather file

Roadmap for the advancement of occupant modelling

Roadmap report download