On Thursday, November 14th, PhD Candidate, A. Paluch (Cultural Mediations) and Kimberly Stratton (College of the Humanities) participated in the afternoon intersections at CUAG discussion “ethno-futurism”, science fiction narratives, martyrdom and gender.

About the Event

What can occur when two scholars explore unexpected intersections between their fields of research? Carleton University academics Anna Paluch and Kimberly Stratton will be speaking about their current research in relation to two exhibitions at CUAG. Hear their separate talks and then join the discussion to bring out convergences across new and exciting research in order create conversations between the exhibitions.

About Anna

Anna (Ania) Paluch is a 4th year PhD student in Cultural Mediations at ICSLAC, Carleton University. Her research focus is on Indigenous and Slavic Futurism, spaces of cultural hybridity, and post-memory in the diaspora, specifically around diasporic and mixed identity. She is a curator, mixed-media artist and co-director of the Indigenous+Diasporic Friendship Festival in Ottawa, connecting diasporic/immigrant communities with local Indigenous communities through art, academia and culture.

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