The Chris Faulkner Lecture in Cultural Mediations is an intellectual forum which brings together faculty and students from across campus with high-level visitors to work collaboratively on ideas that matter in Cultural Theory, Memory Studies, Indigenous Studies, Digital Culture, Museum Studies, Gender and Sexuality studies, and Transnational Studies. Past speakers have included Shu-mei Shih, Françoise Lionnet, Terry Smith, Kobena Mercer, Jolene Rickard, and Homi Bhabha. The Lecture is named in honour of Professor Chris Faulkner, Distinguished Research Professor, founding member of the Cultural Mediations program and first Director of the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature Art and Culture.

2022 Chris Faulkner Lecture in Cultural Mediations

Wendat Women’s Arts: Indigenous Knowledge and the Academy”

Dr. Annette de Stecher
 University of Colorado Boulder

  Thursday March 3, 1:30 pm  (Zoom lecture)

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The Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture is delighted to announce that the 2022 Chris Faulkner Lecture in Cultural Mediations will be delivered by Dr. Annette de Stecher from the University of Colorado Boulder.

For centuries, women artists of the Wendat First Nation of Wendake, Quebec have created artworks of intricate design and complex meaning in moosehair and quill embroidery. Their work records and transmits ancestral knowledge across generations of artists and remains a vibrant and important practice today. In Wendat Women’s Arts I bring together a full history of the Wendat embroidery art form from the eighteenth century to the present, interwoven with the stories of the artists.

In my talk, I will discuss her approach to carrying out this study and the importance of revisionist narratives that are grounded in Indigenous knowledge and oral histories. This decolonizing work has a critical place in Canadian and Indigenous art histories. My understanding of the breadth and depth of Wendat women’s history and their artwork has meant learning across academic disciplines: archaeology; material culture; women’s history; art history. And this learning is grounded in Wendat knowledge, values, and worldview. I will discuss the interdisciplinary approach of my study and what I learned outside academia, the essential foundation, from visiting and listening with community members in Wendake.

Annette de Stecher is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. de Stecher completed her Ph.D. at the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture, Carleton University, and worked with Dr. Ruth Phillips as her doctoral advisor. Dr. de Stecher teaches and publishes in the areas of historical and contemporary Indigenous art histories and critical museology. Her publications include “Integrated Practices: Huron-Wendat Traditions of Diplomacy and Museology,” Journal of Curatorial Studies, 2014; “The Art of Community,” RACAR, 2017, and “Of Chiefs and Kings: Wendat and British Diplomatic Traditions, 1838-1842,” Ethnologies, 2017. Her book Wendat Women’s Arts is forthcoming with McGill-Queen’s University Press in April 2022. Dr. de Stecher has begun a new area of study, histories of Indigenous-settler diplomacy and intercultural relations expressed through the creation of silver gifts, known as trade silver, and the movement of these gifts over ancestral Indigenous transcontinental water-highways.

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