Congratulations to ICSLAC cross-appointed faculty members who have recently received Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight grant awards.

Ming Tiampo (Art History), “Mobile Subjects, Contrapuntal Modernisms”
• Collaborators: Eva Bentcheva, Liz Bruchet, Joshua Cohen, Susan A.R. Collins, Paul Goodwin, Michele Greet, Hammad Nasar, France Nerlich, Marian Nur Goni, Devika Singh, Sarah V. Turner, Athanasios Velios, Chuong-Dai H. Vo

Paul Keen (English Language and Literature), “The Joke of Literature: A History of the Essay in English”

Stuart Murray (English Language and Literature), “Toward a New Politics of Pleasure: Beyond Identity, Consent, and Free Speech”
• Collaborators: Brian Greenspan, Sarah K. Burgess, Allison L. Rowland