ICSLAC would like to extend a warm welcome to Rui Ji! Rui is a scholar of art history and an artist. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Bologna. Her main area of research is the history of Chinese artists’ exhibitions at the Venice Biennale from a cross-cultural perspective. Based on Asac (Venice Biennale Archive), her research deals with transforming artists’ ideas in different socio-political contexts. These artists’ conceptions break the original pattern within the confines of the Biennale concept, the idea of breaking the cultural picture of the relative division between East and West, thus also giving this research a more profound cultural value. Her current work at Carleton focuses on the multiple voices that contemporary Chinese artists offer to global artistic diversity pluralism through their participation in the Venice Biennale. In the past two years, she has participated in several seminars on contemporary art history in European and Chinese universities on the topic of intercultural phenomena.