About the Name

“Kinàmàgawin is about the future. Learning in the Indigenous way, the humility of seeking and sharing knowledge of all of our gifts will ensure that the next seven generations will benefit. We are all connected, and when we can learn together with open minds and open hearts, the outlook will be brighter.”

– Barbara Dumont-Hill, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

The Kinàmàgawin Report

Link to: Kinàmàgawin report

Following the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Final Report in 2015, many post-secondary institutions worked to revitalize, support and bring Indigenous learners and Indigenous knowledges into classrooms. In October 2018, Carleton joined this collective movement and formed the Carleton University Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee (CUSIIC), which published the Kinàmàgawin Report in 2020.

Kinàmàgawin includes 41 Carleton-specific Calls to Action that encompass an overarching goal of making the Carleton campus a safer space for current and future Indigenous students, staff and faculty members.

The Kinàmàgawin Report

Kinàmàgawin Progress Report – April 2022

Link to: Kinamagawin Progress Report 2022

The Kinàmàgawin Progress Report showcases a monumental collective effort across the university to further the goals of the initial Kinàmàgawin report released in May 2020. These actions have been complemented by a $2.5 mil­lion donation from the Joyce Family Foundation—matched by an additional $2.5 million from the university—which has al­lowed us to mobilize many of our intentions.

This progress report reinforces our commitment to continuing to make progress on the work that remains to be done. The full implementation of the 41 Kinàmàgawin calls to action will support positive long-term change at Carleton, and we all have a role to play.

Kinàmàgawin Progress Report