This page lists the Indigenous offices, institutes and committees at Carleton.

Offices and Centres

Office of the Associate Vice-President Indigenous Teaching, Learning and Research

The Office of the Associate Vice-President Indigenous Teaching, Learning and Research supports Indigenous faculty, develops Indigenous pedagogical tools and guides the Ānako Indigenous Research Institute and other research initiatives.

Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement

The Centre supports students, staff and faculty at Carleton by providing culturally safe spaces for dialogue and learning. CISCE nurtures a sense of belonging for Indigenous students, and develops and delivers resources and training to educate the Carleton community about the experiences, histories and worldviews of Indigenous Peoples.

Ānako Indigenous Research Institute

The Ānako Indigenous Research Institute brings together researchers, students and Indigenous communities to foster dialogue and understanding of ethical, balanced and respectful research with Indigenous Peoples and in Indigenous territories.


Indigenous Education Council (IEC)

The Indigenous Education Council has a mandate to promote, guide and oversee the implementation of policies, programing and services that impact Indigenous students while attending Carleton. The IEC also works closely with local Indigenous communities to promote the success of all current and future Indigenous students.

Carleton University Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee (CUSIIC)

Established in October of 2018, CUSIIC held more than 40 consultations, which included more than 600 conversations, with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from within the university and the broader Indigenous community. These consultations formed the basis of  Kinàmàgawin, Carleton’s revitalized Indigenous strategy.