Interdisciplinary Science and Practice Program

What is Interdisciplinary Science and Practice?

  • A unique program that offers students the opportunity to explore and combine different disciplines and perspectives to tackle real-world scientific issues.

Advantages for ISAP Students

  • Options for a three year program or four year Honours degree program
  • Students learn from an exciting broad based science education with flexible options
  • Development of practical skills like science communication, knowledge translation and data analyses
  • Eight core courses only for ISAP students with small classes
  • Dedicated ISAP Faculty members to support student centered learning
  • Core learning through lectures as well as group and individual research projects
  • Skills learned to be immediately employable such as how to interact with stakeholders, communicate findings, synthesize evidence and navigate the science-policy interface.

All ISAP students are required to complete at least one minor in a science discipline. Honours degree students are encouraged to complete a second minor from any faculty including science.

Minors in Faculty of Science are:

  • minor in Biology
  • minor in Chemistry
  • minor in Earth Sciences
  • minor in Food Sciences
  • minor in Geomatics
  • minor in Health Sciences
  • minor in Mathematics
  • minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • minor in Physical Geography
  • minor in Physics
  • minor in Statistics