Experiential and Student-Centered Learning

ISAP core courses are focussed on experiential learning and the development and practise of professional skills.   Courses include collaborations with the groups below.


ISAP 1001- Introduction to Interdisciplinary Science

– Students deliver short presentations to a mock audience of their choosing about topics related to their field of specialization. Topics included the Large Hadron Collider, satellite orbits, antibiotic resistance, quantum computing and more!

ISAP 1002- Seminar in Interdisciplinary Science

-students conducted a mock stakeholder engagement meeting to discuss a hypothetical scenario where the City of Ottawa was considering rolling out facial recognition software around the city. Stakeholder groups included everything from police and concerned parents to university students and racial minorities. The activity allowed students to practice the skills of self-reflection, active-listening, and respectful negotiation.

ISAP 3001-Principles and Applications in Data Analysis

-students partner with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to analyze data from the Public Servant Employee Survey. Analyses resolve knowledge gaps identified by PHAC.

ISAP 3003-Science Communication

-students choose a science topic that interests them, then work with a CU professor to publish a manuscript aimed at communicating science to students 8-15 years of age. Publication can go on their résumé!