Interdisciplinary Science and Practice

ISAP is available as an Honours Bachelor of Science program, which is normally completed in four years of full time study, or over a longer period of time if you choose part time studies. You can also opt to transfer into a General Bachelor of Science, which is normally completed in three years. You will pursue at least one minor in science, taking at least eight courses in that subject area and we encourage students in the Honours program to select a second minor either another subject of science or a non-science discipline.

Students in the Honours program will take on an eight month project in their final year. Working with a faculty mentor, either individually or in a group, you will select an issue that you want to tackle, and apply all of your learning to adding to the knowledge base or answering a pressing question.

The First Year Experience:

A sample first year (full-time 5.0 credits):

  • One credit in ISAP seminar courses
  • Two credits in first year experimental science courses
  • One half credit in math
  • One half credit in computer science
  • One credit in electives of your choice

This is a typical first year pattern, but students can tailor it to their specific needs and interests.

The Areas of Study:

Students will choose at least one minor from:

■            Biology

■            Chemistry

■            Computer Science

■            Earth Sciences: Earth Resources and Processes

■            Food Science

■            Geography

■            Geomatics

■            Mathematics

■            Neuroscience and Mental Health

■            Physics

■            Statistics