Service for: Faculty, Staff
Service Provider:  Teaching and Learning Services
Service Type: Learning Technology

As of May 2024, Poll Everywhere is deprecated at Carleton

What is this service?

Poll Everywhere is a service available to instructors to pose questions for both in-lecture and online polling. Participants can respond to those questions in real-time using mobile phones, twitter, SMS text messaging, a web browser on a computer, or by downloading the iPhone/Android App. Responses are displayed in real-time in PowerPoint.

How do I obtain this service?


  • Free for up to 40 participants
  • Paid under EDC license for larger audiencesupon request acceptance

How-to Links

How do I receive support for this service?

Support Availability

  • 410 Dunton Tower
    Phone: 613-520-2600 x4433
    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

What is included?

  • Key Standard Features:
    • Documentation
    • Access to EDC license
  • Non-standard Features
    • Consultation on use
    • Seminars
  • Service Exclusions
    • N/A

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