Service for: Students
Service Provider: University Services
Service Type: Technology and User Support

What is this service?

This service provides students with the capability to print documents throughout Carleton’s Campus. It consists of 20 publicly accessible print locations, spread out across campus

How do I obtain this service?


  • Letter-size cost is $0.10 per page, single sided, or $0.17 per double sided page. All self service printing is in black and white.
  • Additional paper size costs:

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How do I receive support for this service?

Support Availability -The Print Shop:

  • Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

What is included?

  • Standard Features:
    • Public printing solution allowing you to print, scan and copy
    • Black and white
  • Non-Standard Features:
    • Printing/copying in colour (select locations only)
  • Service Exclusions:
    • N/A

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