Service for: Faculty, Students
Service Provider: MacOdrum Library
Service Type: Collaboration and Storage

What is this service?

This service provides Students, Faculty and Staff with preservation of the scholarly output of Carleton researchers through digital resource preservation and/or Open Access e-journal hosting.

How do I obtain this service?

For digital resource archiving or to initiate Open Access e-journal hosting, contact:

How-to Links

For preservation of scholarly publications:

For open access e-journal hosting:

How do I receive support for this service?

What is included?

  • Key Standard Features:
    • Digital Resource Preservation: Maintain digital repositories to ensure long-term preservation and access to digital materials.
    • Open Access Journal hosting: Maintain Open Journal Systems platform, allowing Carleton University researchers to publish scholarly journals.
  • Non-Standard Features:
    • Online publishing of select, recognized Carleton Student publications
  • Service Exclusions:
    • N/A

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