All photos by Susan Ross unless otherwise indicated.

Banner descriptions

About JTHECA / Laurier House’s climate adapted historic features, Ottawa

Banner descriptions / Indoor-outdoor space in adapted former brickworks, Toronto

Concept Note / Public engagement about Indigenous lands, Albert Island, Ottawa

Contact / Sunrise from an apartment screened porch, Centretown Ottawa

Feedback /  Rideau Canal pathways near adapted train station, Ottawa

Home page / Museum of Nature’s park with curated tree decay, Ottawa

ICOMOS and Climate Heritage Network Resources / Ornamental pond without water, Brooklyn 

ICOMOS University Forum / Climate march, Confederation Square, Ottawa

Land Acknowledgement / View of Ottawa, and Rideau Canal from Carleton University

Partners / Adapted storefront with preserved seed store sign, Halifax

Planning Committee / Mississippi falls source of local hydro-power, Almonte

Programme / Dry soil conditions in soybean farm fields near Ottawa

Recordings /  Lunenburg Opera House interior, Nova Scotia.

Registration /  Historic Ottawa River industries and flooding. CSTM Domtar Eddy Booth Collection.

Resources / Beechwood cemetery stone wall with signs of new life, Ottawa

Speakers / Mural about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Montreal