View the recordings of the ICOMOS University Forum on Knowledge Areas for Climate Adaptation, with four panels, and seventeen speakers and panelists. For June 3 see here and for June 4 see here. Start times for presentations are noted below. For additional details see the programme.

Auto-generated captions are available in English. Select the cc button in the menu bar to turn them on.

Clip from June 3 Framing concept presentation by Thea Dickinson on Climate Adaptation

Clip from June 4 Framing concept presentation by Georgina Cundill Kemp on Climate Justice

June 3 start times

00:08:16  Thea Dickinson

00:22:21  Cathy Daly

00:32:39  Will Megarry

00:41:38  Rohit Jigyasu

01:32:56  Oriel Prizeman

01:40:53  Paloma Guzman

01:51:44  Mark Thompson Brandt

02:37:51  Abi  Kang

June 4 start times

00:07:40  Georgina Cundill Kemp

00:25:05  Deniz Ikiz Kaya

00:40:15  Lori Ferris

00:51:08  Susan Ross

01:36:29  Lorna Crowshoe

01:48:34  Courtney Vaughan

02:39:04  Miquel  Reina Ortiz