Welcome to the Language Resource Room (SP 337),  a quiet study space dedicated to language and language learning.  We have a collection of materials in (almost) all the languages we teach: books, grammar reference guides, dictionaries, novels, travel books, and more.  We also have three student-use computers. And we offer a range of different language-related events and activities.

Stop by and meet our dynamic team of multilingual work study students today.


On our Shelves

We have a growing collection of books, magazines and other materials in (almost) all the languages we teach.




 Student Computers


Other Resources

We also have some other resources to support your language learning.  Take a look at the “Hack a Board Game” corner and (re)discover “Headbanz” in Japanese, “Guess Who” in Arabic, or the original “Settlers of Catan” in German.



You may also enjoy playing “Uncharted 3” in Spanish or “Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch” and “Okami” in Japanese on our PS 3.

Or, for those of you studying Chinese, give “Go” or “Xiangqi” (Chinese Chess) a try.