If you haven’t heard of it, the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official way to keep track of your volunteer experiences while you’re studying at Carleton.  Essentially, if you volunteer for 5 or more hours for some sort of event or activity, then you may qualify for an entry in your CCR.

Here in the LLRC we are happy to provide opportunities for you to create, promote, and run activities that encourage language learning outside the classroom. Past events have included:

  • Italian conversation group
  • German club
  • Chinese character writing
  • Russian movie night
  • and more

If any of these sounds interesting to you…or if you have ideas for your own activities that you would like to try out, please get in touch.  For the Fall 2022 semester, we are looking for volunteers to create and run activities like:

  • Language study groups (this kind of group can be run by someone who is studying the particular language…and not necessarily someone who is fluent)
  • Language conversation groups (generally run by someone with native or near-native fluency)
  • Board game night(s) in a specific language (how about Settlers of Catan in German?)
  • and more…

Got questions or ideas, drop us a line!  And click here to learn more about how the CCR works.