It is with pleasure that we can inform you that registration is now open for the 2016 International Metropolis Conference which will take place in Nagoya, Japan from October 24-28. This conference marks not only the 20th year of conferences of the International Metropolis Project but the first to take place in Asia. This conference is a tremendous opportunity to meet with your academic and policy colleagues from throughout the world to discuss in a neutral setting the migration issues that matter to you.

The event will feature a mix of plenary sessions, workshops, study tours, and social activities. The plenary themes will be:

• Refugee Protection: Our Most Pressing Migration Dilemma
• Managing Global Risk: Migration in Situations of Crisis
• Creating Trust through Wisdom: Co-development and Migration in East Asia
• Migration, Trade, and Diasporas: Engines for Economic Integration
• Asia’s Demographic Precipice: Migration, Technology, and Greater Workforce Participation
• Inclusive Development: a New Perspective on Immigrant Integration
• When Internal and International Migration Meet: Best Practices for Cities
• Comprehensive Migration Policy-making for a Re-vitalized Japan

We welcome your proposals for workshops as well as for individual papers which can be submitted online at