Our mission is to provide an international platform for critical and constructive dialogue and dissemination of knowledge across the policy, research, civil society, and private sectors on matters of migration, integration / inclusion, and diversity, in order to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration for:

  1. Socially-meaningful, evidence-based, and policy-relevant research practices; 
  2. Informed and effective policy & business decision-making and their fair implementation; 
  3. Best approaches to addressing the current and future challenges in migration, integration / inclusion, and diversity. 

We work to enhance cross-sectoral capacity in this field by:

  • Providing a global network for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and business leaders to connect, engage in an open dialogue, and learn from comparative perspectives and shared experiences on a wide range of migration, integration / inclusion, and diversity issues with local, national, regional and global impact.
  • Facilitating the development and use of socially-meaningful, evidence-based, and policy-relevant research practices, insights, and lessons learnt by governments, non-governmental organizations, communities, and businesses.
  • Ensuring a positive, neutral, open environment for the mobilization of expertise and resources among different international stakeholders.

Our objects of activity include:

  • Offering a direct platform for stakeholders to meet in person and virtually via annual conferences and other events (i.e. symposia, open and closed-door meetings, webinars etc.);
  • Conducting and facilitating different research, policy, and practice projects, in partnership and collaboration with its members and interested parties;
  • Developing communications and professional development resources aimed at gathering and promoting research and good practices, supporting study in this area of expertise, and impacting policy and practice.