The Metropolis International Secretariat operates through three arms, one located in Ottawa, Canada, one in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the newest in Asia with functions distributed across organizations in the Republic of Korea, the Republic of the Philippines, and the Peoples’ Republic of China. Each acts on behalf of the Project as a whole, promoting and coordinating activities across the partnership and acting on behalf of the International Steering Committee (ISC) to manage ongoing activities and to initiate new actions.

The Ottawa-based Secretariat assumes the lead for establishing the Project’s overall strategic directions and for developing its communications and management infrastructure.  The other two are primarily responsible for activities within Europe and Asia respectively. The Secretariat is accountable to the co-chairs and, through them, to the ISC. The Secretariat takes direct responsibility for the implementation of the ISC-approved work program. Taking direct responsibility does not, however, imply a controlling role in organizing the annual conference and other (workshops, etc.) activities; it implies primarily an initiating and facilitating role. The Secretariat is also expected to assess regularly the Project’s modus operandi and to recommend improvements.

Howard-DuncanDr. Howard Duncan
Executive Head

Howard Duncan received his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1981 from the University of Western Ontario where he studied the history and philosophy of science. He was a post-doctoral fellow there and subsequently taught philosophy at the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario.

In 1987, Dr. Duncan entered the field of consulting in strategic planning, policy development and program evaluation. In 1989 he joined the Department of Health and Welfare in Ottawa where he worked in program evaluation, strategic planning, policy, and extramural research.

In 1997, Howard joined the Metropolis Project at Citizenship and Immigration Canada as its International Project Director, and became its Executive Head in 2002. He has concentrated on increasing the geographic reach of Metropolis, enlarging the range of the issues it confronts, and increasing its benefits to the international migration policy community by creating opportunities for direct and frank exchanges between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. Recent of his projects have included the creation of the Metropolis North America and Metropolis Asia initiatives and the creation of a Metropolis Secretariat in Asia (Seoul/Goyang-si and Manila) to supplement the Secretariats in Ottawa and Amsterdam. He moved the Ottawa Secretariat operations from the Government of Canada to Carleton University in Ottawa in 2012.

Mihaela Vieru
Senior Program Manager

Mihaela Vieru has been managing the International Steering Committee for the past four years, promoting and growing the Metropolis international engagement and cooperation program in support of strategic development and operational priorities. Her professional profile includes expertise on migration, diversity, security, and citizenship, acquired over ten years of public policy analysis, research, and consulting.

She is currently completing her doctorate in Canadian Studies with a specialization in Political Economy at Carleton University (ABD), focusing on mobility and integration governance in international comparative context, in particular on matters of national security policy convergence and multiculturalism. As an instructor with the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton (2011-present), she places Canadian national debates in global setting and brings forward an interdisciplinary perspective to area studies.

Following her professional commitment to bridge academic knowledge with public policy and civil society, she contributed strategic planning with the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT). While at CASLT (2010-2015), she was responsible for the professional development and events program, overseeing teacher training initiatives across the country and the Association’s national and international stakeholder and public engagement projects. 

IMG_0589Shunxian (Cindy) Ou
Project Assistant

Shunxian (Cindy) Ou is the Project Assistant at the Metropolis Secretariat in Ottawa, where she plays a key role in strengthening Metropolis’ global network with her management of web content and projects related to Metropolis’s online presence and communication. Cindy holds a Master’s Degree in Human Geography from York University with a specialization in immigration policy and international student migration. She has a Bachelor Degree in Urban Planning from Sun Yat-Sen University, one of the top ten universities in China. Her professional profile includes experience on research, public policy, regional economic strategies, and business consulting.