Congratulations to the following delegates who took home awards at Carleton Model NATO 2018

The Dr. Lee Windsor Award for Best Delegation 2018

University of Calgary

North Atlantic Council

Best Delegate: Jacob Godfrey, Netherlands (University of Windsor

Outstanding Delegate: Raji Gandhi, Italy (Carleton University)

Honourable Mention: Omar Mufti, Latvia (University of Calgary)

Best Position Paper: Martin Michalak, Bulgaria (University of Manitoba)

Military Committee

Best Delegate: Lane Miller, Latvia (Calgary MUN)

Outstanding Delegate: Hooman Hodaie, Germany (Calgary MUN)

Honourable Mention: Jaya Scott, United States of America, (Western University)

Best Position Paper: Kelly Grounds, Romania (Simon Fraser University)

Committee on Proliferation

Best Delegate: Dvija Bhatti, Latvia (Calgary MUN)

Outstanding Delegate: Malcolm Nettie, Canada (RMC)

Honourable Mention: Helen Luo, Romania (Simon Fraser University)

Best Position Paper: Trisha Kershaw, Portugal (Western University)

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council

Best Delegate: Jaquelin Coulson, Czech Republic (Western University)

Outstanding Delegate: Marley Gilles, Russia (Calgary MUN)

Honourable Mention: Seth Eichorst, Ukraine (Carleton MUN)

Best Position Paper: Kevin Leung, Poland (Simon Fraser University)

Civilian Emergency Protection Committee

Best Delegate: Antounia Saleh, Turkey (Calgary MUN)

Outstanding Delegate: Anagh Katayayan, Germany (Calgary MUN)

Honourable Mention: Sarah Wyatt, United States of America (Western University)

Best Position Paper: Joy Pan, Lithuania (Calgary MUN)