Congratulations to everyone that took home awards at Carleton Model NATO 2020!

Dr. Lee Windsor Award for Best Delegation: University of Calgary

North Atlantic Council

Best Delegate: Mattias Thuns-Rondeau, Romania (Carleton University)

Distinguished Delegate: Bayley Young, United Kingdom (Royal Military College)

Honorable Mention: Joweria Ekram, Czech Republic (University of Calgary)

Best Position Paper: Anagh Katyayan, Turkey (University of Calgary)

Military Committee

Best Delegate: Justin Gotta, Czech Republic (University of Calgary)

Distinguished Delegate: Sakariye Mohamed, Turkey (University of Calgary)

Honorable Mention: Cameron Stanzel, Slovakia (Royal Military College)

Best Position Paper: Destiny Morrow, Latvia (Western University)

Civilian Intelligence Committee

Best Delegate: Isabella Camacho, Montenegro (University of Calgary)

Distinguished Delegate: Ryan Yuen, Poland (University of Calgary)

Honorable Mention: Alexa Sipeki, Czech Republic (University of Calgary)

Best Position Paper: Liem Nguyen, Norway (Western University)

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council

Best Delegate: Stephanie Sargeant, Turkey (University of Calgary)

Distinguished Delegate: Sharon Low, Russia (Western University)

Honorable Mention: Jack Burke, Greece (Western University)

Best Position Paper: Chloé Jorand, Croatia (Université de Montréal)