Ombuds Services is an independent office at Carleton financed by the University and CUSA (Carleton University Students Association). The GSA (Graduate Students’ Association) helps CUSA fund the office. That means undergrad and graduate students are welcome to use our service. We help hundreds of students every year to find the best solution to their problems on and off campus.

Some common questions we get asked.

  1. I have a lease until the end of August. I want to go home after exams in April. Can I give 60 days notice?
  2. I need a notary for a few documents. I am a student will little money. Is there some place I can go?
  3. I don’t think the penalty I received from a Dean on an Academic Integrity case is fair. I find the process confusing. What can I do now?
  4. What can I do about a parking ticket I received on campus?
  5. My Masters supervisor says he does not want to fund me anymore? How can I pay to live and pay fees?