Welcome to Ombuds Services

Ombuds Services is an independent office whose primary role is to ensure fairness for undergraduate and graduate students at Carleton University. We provide support, information, and guidance for students facing challenges such as: academic integrity violations (cheating, plagiarism, etc.), non-academic misconduct, harassment, sexual violence, issues with housing/landlords, problems with courses or faculty or staff, university administration, student accounts, scholarships, etc. Our office is funded by Carleton University, the Carleton University Students’ Association, and the Carleton University Graduate Students’ Association; our services are free of charge.

Whenever possible, we attempt to resolve issues informally by informing students of their rights and responsibilities, identifying and explaining applicable policies and regulations, referring students to existing channels of complaint and resolution, and supporting students as they navigate various processes (petitions, grade appeals, hearings, etc.). Our efforts to resolve issues can involve facilitated discussions, administrative reviews, negotiation, and issuing recommendations when we conclude a student has been treated unfairly.

Our role is impartial (we don’t take sides). Our work is conducted in strict confidence; all communications with our office are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and we do not disclose the details of cases without a student’s consent. The only exception to that rule is when we are legally obligated to do so or when there is immediate concern for an individual’s wellbeing.

We are not student advocates, we do not provide legal advice, nor do we have the authority to overturn or force decisions.