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What is Academic Integrity?

When a student submits any work for academic credit, it must follow the Academic Integrity policy. This policy is a cornerstone of Carleton University, in that it ensures, along with its administrative processes, that all credentials awarded by the University have met the policy requirements.

When a student submits work for academic credit that is questioned for academic integrity, then an administrative investigation is launched, with evidence supplied for examination.

The student is invited to meet with the Associate Dean for the purpose of providing an explanation of how the work was completed, along with the student’s understanding of academic integrity.

Our Involvement in the Process

The University invites the Ombudsperson to participate in the academic integrity meetings so that the student has an opportunity to review his/her file in private and ask questions to a neutral, confidential, and independent source. The academic integrity meetings adhere to the principles of procedural fairness and the Ombudsperson ensures that the process is fair and the student is treated fairly.


Contact Us

Calendly Appointment

Please use our Calendly Booking page or the embedded calendar below to schedule a 25-minute Zoom call with an Ombudsperson representative to discuss your academic integrity case.

Please note that if you do not receive an invite link after registering, check your trash or spam bin. 

Contact Us Form

Feel free to reach out to us using the provided form or via email if you have any Academic Integrity concerns. We’re here to assist you!


We offer group workshops during the fall and winter semesters. In these sessions, we explain what Academic Integrity is, why it is important and its dark side, what the process is like, and what you should do if you receive an allegation and resources in the Carleton community to help prevent violations.   

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.