The Organic Sensors and Devices Laboratory (OSDL) is a uniquely multi-disciplinary research group that investigates organic, label-free chemical and biological sensors, screen-printed bio-electronic microsystems, flexible organic electronic components for wearables and human-device interfacing, and smart surfaces and interfaces for environmental monitoring applications. OSDL offers training and services to users from a variety of academic and industrial background including chemical, biological and environmental sensing applications, utilizing thin film organic and inorganic materials, graphene derived materials, copolymer conductors and dielectrics. The group welcomes undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students, and post docs from engineering (electronics, engineering physics, biomedical, chemical and environmental) and applied sciences (chemistry and biochemistry) background.

Our research initiatives regularly attract collaborators from industry and academic partner institutions in Ontario, across Canada and internationally, and sustains and supports a strong cluster of undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral trainees.

If you are interested in joining the team and/or learning more about our research initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out to Professor Ravi Prakash (ravi.prakash@carleton.ca).