Daily Relationship Experiences Study 2020

Note: Recruitment is now closed, and we have completed data collection. Participant compensation has been granted. We have also completed the draw for the $100 Amazon gift cards. If you participated in this study and have yet to receive your compensation, please contact us and we’ll sort the issue out. We are currently consulting with our colleagues and analyzing the data. Please check Dr. Harasymchuk’s publication’s page periodically to read about what we have been able to learn from this study!

The purpose of this study is to examine couples’ daily relationship experiences. We are interested in a variety of experiences couples encounter on a day-to-day basis such as relationship quality, sexual quality, conflict, leisure activities, and so on. In this study, you and your partner will individually complete an online background survey (~60 minutes), a brief daily diary survey for 21 days (~10 minutes/day), as well as a 3-month follow-up survey (~15 minutes). We do not anticipate any psychological or physical risks to participants.

This study has received clearance by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board–B, Canada (clearance #105046).