Photo of Atara Lonn

Atara Lonn

PhD Student / PAIR Lab Manager & Statistical Consultant

Degrees:Master of Arts, Psychology, Carleton University, 2022; Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Psychology, Carleton University, 2020; Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Biology, McMaster University, 2017
Website:Researchgate Profile

My research interests broadly examine how various aspects of social connection can impact relational outcomes and individual well-being. I have studied environmental determinants of friendship formation, the benefits of social support for well-being during times of heightened social isolation, and the effects of relational boredom on passionate love, just to name a few of the research projects I have been involved in. I am interested in longitudinal methodologies, quantitative statistics, validity research, and supplementing traditional quantitative research with insights from qualitative work. My doctoral thesis will examine the impacts of shared reality deficits and disruptions on intra- and inter-personal outcomes.

MA Thesis Title: Well-Being During Times of Heightened Social Isolation: A Panel Study Examination of the Protective Effects of Social Support Availability