Dear Carleton Students, Staff and Faculty,

I am deeply saddened that despite the best efforts of all negotiating teams, we have not been able to reach negotiated collective agreements in a timely way with CUPE 4600 unit 1 representing Teaching Assistants, as well as Service Assistants and some Research Assistants, and unit 2 representing Contract Instructors.

Some of you may know that I started out as a negotiator on the union side, and that I deeply believe in collective bargaining as a process. Collective bargaining is hard, and very demanding on the people involved, and I want to thank everyone at both tables for your efforts. I remain hopeful that agreements are within reach.

I was on strike twice as a young Faculty member and I know from bitter experience how painful labour disruptions can be to communities. I realize that many of you have also gone through this experience in the winter of 2018. I ask that we respect CUPE 4600’s right to strike and I implore all parties to remain calm and respectful of each other. Let us not say or do things in frustration or anger that we will regret later.

The bargaining teams will regroup and consider next steps. We must remain hopeful that there is a relatively rapid path out of the situation we find ourselves in.

The university is committed to a successful end of term for our students. Please everyone, let’s do everything we can to support our students as we get to the end of the winter term and the academic year.

I wish everyone a good day,


Benoit-Antoine Bacon
President and Vice-Chancellor