Following extensive consultation, the Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) was approved by Carleton’s Senate and Board of Governors in the spring of 2020.

Inspired by the unique triangular shape of the beautiful Carleton campus, the new Strategic Integrated Plan outlines three strategic directions:

  • Share Knowledge, Shape the Future
  • Serve Ottawa, Serve the World
  • Strive for Wellness, Strive for Sustainability

The SIP lays out an ambitious vision for the future, fully anchored in Carleton’s strengths and student-centric, community-engaged values.

Read our beautifully designed Strategic Integrated Plan and the Strategic Integrated Plan Progress Update 2023.

Campus-wide strategies and plans

A number of strategic documents already developed or in development support and operationalize the aspirations described in this Strategic Integrated Plan. Other strategies and plans will also emerge over time as the work of planning and implementing is never done.