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About wood and soapstone carving
/ À propos de sculpture sur bois et pierre à savon

Détaillants / Retailers

Ottawa-Gatineau + Ontario + Québec

Lee Valley (Ottawa, ON) site web FR / web site EN
Chipping Away (Waterloo, ON) web site
Busy Bee Machine Tools (Ottawa, ON) web site
Ottawa Fastener Supply (OFS) (Ottawa, ON) web site
KJP Select Woods (Ottawa, ON) web site / carving wood
Clarence Creek Wood Select (Clarence Creek, ON) web site
The Wood Source (Manotick, ON) web site
My Urban Workshop (Ottawa, ON) web site
Ottawa City Woodshop (Ottawa, ON) web site
Langevin Forest (Montréal, QC) site web
Elite tools (Lévis, QC) site web
Exulon Produits forestiers (Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC) site web
Canadian Woodworkers (Brampton, ON) web site
Nutmeg Woodworking and Carving Shop (ON) web site
MEC web site
Bushcraft Canada web site
Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement (Niagara, ON) web site
Woodchuckers (Toronto, ON) web site
Arbortech (Barrie, ON) web site
Canadian Outdoor Equipment (Mississauga, ON) web site
Feather Animation (Sarnia, ON) web site
Wallack’s (art supplies) (Ottawa, ON) web site
DeSerres (art supplies) (Ottawa, ON / Gatineau, QC) site web FR / web site EN
Michaels (art supplies) (Ottawa, ON) site web FR / web site EN
Brault et Bouthillier (pierre à savon) (Montréal, QC) site web

Autres au Canada / Others in Canada

KV Woodcarving Supplies (NB) web site
Razertip Industries (Martensville, SK) web site
Bear Woods Supply Company (near Vancouver, BC) web site
Woodworker Specialties (Port Coquitlam, BC) web site
Condor Tool & Knife (Vancouver, BC) web site
Rubbles Road (soapstones) (Edmonton, AB) web site
Amazon.ca (woodcarving) web site


Moore Wood Roughouts (Kindred, USA) web site
Woodcraft Supply (USA) web site
Jaymes Company wood carving tools & supplies (MA, USA) web site
Heinecke Wood Products (WI, USA) web site
Little Shavers Wood Carving Supply (Seattle, WA, USA) web site
Big Foot Carving tools (TX, USA) web site
Cascade Carvers Supply (Kennewick, WA, USA) web site
Hummul Carving Company (Beloit, WI, USA) web site
The Carvers’ Companion (USA) web site
Whittling Shack (MI, USA) web site
Belcher Carving Supply (US) web site

Manufacturiers / Manufacturers

Foredom (rotary power tool) (CT, USA) web site
Flexcut (carving tools) (Erie, PA, USA) web site / YouTube / catalogue
Helvie Knifes (USA) web site
Pfeil carving tools (Swiss made) web site / catalogue
Drake Knives web site
Morakniv – Mora of Sweden (knifes) web site
Helle (knifes) (Norway) web site
Tornado 1000 (dust collector) web site
PSI (Penn State Industry) (DC725 dust collector) web site
Razaire 530 (dust collector) web site
Duragrit (CAN) (carbide tools) web site
Proxxon (fine tool company) (Europe + USA) web site
Wood Turningz – Easy wood tool (Noblesville, IN, USA) web site
Laguna Tools (bandsaws) web site
Rikon Tools (bandsaws) web site
King Canada (bandsaws) web site
General International (bandsaws) web site
Equipement BLG – Liste de marques (Sorel-Tracy) (marques) web site



Outaouais Wood Carvers (Ottawa, ON) web site
Ontario Wood Carvers Association (OWCA) web site / Carving Club Listing PDF
Grand Valley Woodcarvers Club (Mannheim/Kitchener, ON) web site
Quinte Wood Carvers Association (Belleville, ON) web site
Owl’s Nest Woodcarving Club (Kitchener/Waterloo, ON) web site
True North Caricature Carvers (TNCC) (Mississauga, ON) web site ?
Niagara Woodcarvers Association (Niagara Falls, ON) web site
Richmond Carvers Society (Richmond, BC) web site
New Brunswick Woodcarving Association (Saint Andrews, NB) web site


International Association of Wood Carver web site / YouTube
National Wood Carvers Association (NWCA) (USA) web site
Caricature Carvers @ America web site
California Carvers Guild web site
Central Massachusetts Woodcarvers (MA, USA) web site
Dayton Carvers Guild (OH, USA) web site
Capital Woodcarvers Association (CA, USA) web site
Southtowns Woodcarvers of Western New York (NY, USA) web site
Eastern Woodland Carvers Club (IN, USA) web site
Mid-America Woodcarvers Association (NE, USA) web site
Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild (USA) web site
Woodworkers Guild of America (USA) web site

Carving Competitions

Upcoming Wood Showsweb site
Magic in Wood – Ontario Wood Carving Championship (November) web site
Richmond Carving Show (May) Gallery 2021 / Gallery 2020
Owl’s Nest Woodcarving Club (Kitchener/Waterloo, ON) competition web site 3-5 June 2022
New Brunswick Woodcarving Association (September) rules / Gallery
Kawartha Carving Competition (September) web site
Canadian Nationals web site / rules
Ward World Championship Wildfowl Competition (April) web site / rules 2020
The World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships web site / rules

web site

Museum / Musée

Musée des Anciens Canadiens (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC) web site
Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art (MD, USA) web site


Ontario Woodcarver magazine web site
Canadian Woodworking Magazine web site
Chip Chats, official magazine NWCA web site
Carving Magazine web site
Woodcarver Online Magazine (WOM) web site
Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine (Mount Joy, PA, USA) web site
Wildfowl Carving Magazine (CA, USA) web site

Ressources / Resources

The Carvers’ Companion online resources web site
Flexcut tool tips web site
The Wood Database (identification guide) web site
America Wood Carving School web site
Best Wood Carving Tools (reviews) web site
Mary May Carving School web site
Northwest Carving Academy (Ellensburg, WA, USA) web site
Ozarks Woodcarving Seminar (MI, USA) web site
My Chip Carving (MN, USA) web site
Godin Art web site
Gilles Prud’homme (Sudbury, ON) web site
Art Designs Studio web site
Bill Russell web site
Great Wood Carvings web site
Wikipedia – Sculpture sur bois web site
Wikipedia – Carving web site
Mark Sheridan website

web site


Woodcarvers on Youtube
Top Woodcarvers on Youtube (Basswood Carving)(9 min) YouTube
– Doug Linker YouTube Channel
– Gene Messer YouTube Channel
– Dennis Stallings YouTube Channel
– Scott Carvings – Russell Scott YouTube Channel
– Carvers Woodshop YouTube Channel
– Lynn O. Doughty YouTube Channel
– Kevin Coates YouTube Channel
– Stinnett Sticks – Mike Stinnett YouTube Channel
– SharonMyART – Sharon Elliot YouTube Channel
Introduction to SharonMyART (SharonMyART)(2 min) YouTube
– Alaska Woodchuck – James Massi YouTube Channel
– Mary May web site / Twitch Channel
– OWCA Murray Lincoln You Tube channel
– WoodWorkWeb – Colin Knecht Web site / YouTube Channel
– Blake Lansford YouTube Channel

– Best Hobby Ever (Introduction to Woodcarving Series) (Doug Linker)(11 min) YouTube
– Basic Hand Carving Tools Explained (Treeline)(14 min) YouTube
– Basic Tools to Get Started – Intro To Woodcarving (Doug Linker)(15 min) YouTube
– Carving Tools for Beginners (SharonMyART)(4 min) YouTube
– Let’s Talk Carving Knives (Doug Linker)(19 min) YouTube
– Strops – Make One, Use One (Doug Linker)(16 min) YouTube
– Sharpening Carving Tools with the Flexcut SlipStrop (7 min) YouTube
– Sharpening A Wood Carving knife (how to sharpen)(38 min) YouTube
– Stropping myth and how to sharpen tools with leather (Stomby Nubs)(10 min) YouTube
– What’s The Best Wood For Woodcarving? (Doug Linker)(16 min) YouTube
– Choosing & Using Woodcarving Tools (Infinity Tools)(6 min) YouTube
– Carving hand tool buying guide (Wood snd Shop) Link
– Woodcarving Cutting Techniques and Safety + Moravian Star (Doug Linker)(19 min) YouTube
– Wood Carving 4 Basic Cuts to master (SharonMyART)(6 min) YouTube
(vee cut, sweep, stop cut, pyramid)
– Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Beginners (Bill Anderson)(11 min) YouTube
– Beginning Woodcarving Techniques (Mary May)(23 min) YouTube
– How to chip carve (Mark Thomas)(4 min) YouTube
– How to carve soapstone with power tools (7 min) YouTube
– Introduction to the Flexshaft Machine (FDJTools)(64 min) YouTube
– Flex-Shaft Accessories (Cool Tools)(8 min) YouTube
– Foredom Handpiece Choices (Romanoff Store) (10 min) YouTube
– How to Use a Reciprocating Handpiece (Power Chisel) (Treeline)(6 min) YouTube
– How to Use a Foredom Hammer Handpiece & Sharpen Gravers (JoolTool)(83 min) YouTube
– Basics Sharpening Carving Chisels – Bench Talk #3 (Billy’s Little Bench)(18 min) YouTube
– How to Paint/Finish Your Woodcarvings (Doug Linker)(22 min) YouTube
– Woodcarving – Paint Along With Me (Doug Linker)(31 min) YouTube
– Carving Room (Doug Linker)(9 min) YouTube
– Finding Inspiration and Ideas (Doug Linker)(8 min) YouTube
– Beginner Lesson (Mary May)
Welcome Introduction (9 min) YouTube
#1 All About Gouges (23 min) YouTube
#2 Sharpening a Curved Gouge (28 min) YouTube
#2A How to Sharpen a Curved Gouge (11 min) YouTube
#3 Sharpening a V-Chisel (18 min) YouTube
#4 Sharpening a Spoon-bent Gouge (8 min) YouTube
#5 Sharpening a Veiner Gouge (12 min) YouTube
#6 Sharpening a Back-bent Gouge (9 min) YouTube
#7 Starting to carve (55 min) YouTube

Projects / Projets
– Project 5 minutes wizard (Doug Linker)(23 min) YouTube
– Project Carving a character (Kevin Coates)(39 min) YouTube
– Projet Petit canard/garrot (Gratien Giguère)(14 min) YouTube
– Project Carve a Little Person (SharonMyART)
Steps 1-4 (SharonMyART)(7min). YouTube
Step 5 (SharonMyART)(5 min) YouTube
Step 6 (SharonMyART)(6 min) YouTube
Step 7 (SharonMyART)(4 min) YouTube
Step 8 (SharonMyART)(19 min) YouTube
Step 9 (SharonMyART)(19 min) YouTube
Steps 10-12 (SharonMyART)(20 min) YouTube
Step Painting (SharonMyART)(16 min) YouTube
Step Antiquing (SharonMyART)(4 min) YouTube
– Project Guide to Wood Carving Faces (SharonMyART)
Carving Faces Part 1 (SharonMyART)(6 min) YouTube
Carving Faces Part 2 (SharonMyART)(15 min) YouTube
– Carve Wood Characters (Alley Picked)(9 min) YouTube
– Letter Carving – Bench Talk #2 (Billy’s Little Bench)(28 min) YouTube

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