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This page is to help graduate students working with me as supervisor (or other supervisors).

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SCSE/CSES (Sprott Centre for Social Enterprises / Centre Sprott pour les entreprises sociales) Website
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Consider applying to Sprott PhD/MSc in Management program / Recruitment of students
Thank you for your interest in graduate studies under my supervision. I appreciate that it takes considerable time and effort on your part to find potential supervisors and programs that suit your interests and career plans. I have prepared a note for potential candidates.

– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Information for Accounting future candidates (December 2020, 10p.) PDF

If you have not taken the time to read and understand the above before contacting me, I cannot be confident that you would be able to complete a complex independent research project under my supervision. You should prepare your pitch.
“Interested in accounting under your supervision and need funding” is insufficient.
– Who are you (education, experience)?
– What is briefly your research interest (initial topic, area of research and idea of a research question)?
– How your project is align (fit) with Sprott accounting faculty research interests (me or others)?
– Why do you want to attend a graduate program at Sprott/Carleton in Ottawa (Canada)?
If you contact many faculty members in the same school, contact them in the same email (instead of separate emails).

As an additional explanation as to why it is important that you be able to read and follow the above instructions, please see the following: Van Halen and M&M requirements (copied with permission from Professor Jeremy Laliberté

Sprott PhD/MSc in Management program
– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Process 1 Overview for Accounting Students (23 November 2019, 11p.) PDF
– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Process 2 Coursework Period (23 November 2019, 4p.) PDF
– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Process 3 Comprehensive Examination (23 November 2019, 7p.) PDF
– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Process 4 Proposal (23 November 2019, 5p.) PDF
– Note on Sprott PhD/MSc Process 5 Thesis Preparation and Defence (23 November 2019, 11p.) PDF

Research process
– Brouard. Note on Business Research Process: A Summary (October 2018, 8p.) PDF
– Brouard. Note on PhD proposal (October 2018, 3p.) PDF
– Brouard. Note on MSc proposal and thesis (January 2020, 5p.) PDF
– Brouard. MSc proposal and thesis – Table of contents (February 2020, 6p.) Word file
– Brouard. Note on Research Review and Publication (February 24, 2019, 21p.) PDF
– Brouard. Note on Literature Review (January 2020, 21p.) PDF
– Brouard. Étapes du processus de recherche (1p.) PDF
– Brouard. Approche a la lecture d’une recherche (1p.) PDF
– Brouard. Voies de recherche en comptabilité (1p.) PDF

References / Bibliographie
– Brouard. Style de présentation des références bibliographiques (February 9, 2019, 9p.) PDF
– References style APA (Carleton University) (September 2017, 4p.) PDF
– References style APA (University of Victoria) (September 2015, 8p.) PDF
– CTF Author’s Style and Format Guide to References and Citations (Canadian Tax Foundation) Link
– CTF Author’s Guide to References and Citations (Canadian Tax Foundation) (38p.) PDF
– CTF Publication Policy: Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement (Canadian Tax Foundation) Link
– Normes bibliographiques APA 6th (UQTR) (2013, 7p.) PDF
– Normes bibliographiques APA (UQAC) (2017) Lien
– Normes bibliographiques Lois, normes et brevets (UQAC) (2017) Lien

Formatting Guidelines / Guides de présentation
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Formatting Guidelines Link
– Papadopoulos. Paper Formatting & Documentation Guidelines (2016, 10p.) PDF
– Guide de rédaction et de présentation des thèses DBA (UQTR) (2017, 68p.) PDF

Working together
– File sharing (p.) PDF


Sprott Policies and Guidelines

PhD Comprehensive examination
– Sprott PhD Comprehensive Examination Procedures and Approval Form (Seminal Works version), 6p. PDF

– Sprott MSc Research (Thesis) Proposal (April 2020, 5p.) PDF

Sprott Forms
Sprott forms, links

Sprott Resources
Sprott forms, links


(Carleton University, FGPA = Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)

Carleton Policies and Guidelines
– Carleton U., FGPA. Terms and conditions of admission and funding – May 2019 to April 2020, 8p. PDF

– Carleton U., FGPA. Graduate Supervision Responsibilities and Expectations Policy, 17 January 2019. Link
– Carleton U., FGPA. Graduate Studies Supervision Appointments Policy, 27 May 2013, 2p. Doc
– Carleton U., FGPA. Policy on Supervision of Graduate Research by Non-Faculty Employees & Current Faculty Members Approaching Retirement, 25 November 2004, 1p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Guidelines regarding Nominal Co-Supervisions with Adjunct Professors, 27 May 2013, 1p. Doc
– Carleton U., FGPA. Cotutelle Policy, December 2015, 13p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Procedures to ascertain an allegation of consistent failure to provide adequate thesis supervision, 14 February 2013, 4p. PDF

– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Requirements PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Formatting Guidelines Link
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Template (Word) Doc
– Carleton U., FGPA. Title Page Sample, 1p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Title Page Template, 1p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Sample Letter for Copyright. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Checklist. Webpage
– Carleton U., FGPA. Private and Personal Information in Your Thesis Webpage
– Carleton U., FGPA. Electronic Thesis Deposit. Webpage
– Carleton U., FGPA. E-Thesis Documentation, 13 July 2015, 54p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Copyright & Intellectual Property Webpage
– Carleton U., FGPA. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Graduate Students (FIPPA), 1p. PDF
– Library and Archives Canada. Theses Non-exclusive License, 1p. PDF

– Carleton U., FGPA. Presentation Skills. Webpage

Thesis Examination
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Examination Policy (Master’s and PhD), September 2015, 13p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Examination Policy (Master’s and PhD) – Appendices, 13p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. Master’s Thesis Examination Report, 1p. PDF
– Carleton U., FGPA. PhD Thesis Examination Report, 1p. PDF

– Carleton U. Senate Medals Policy, 30 March 2012, 9p. PDF

Grade Appeal
– Carleton U. Grade Appeal Procedures, 1p. PDF

– Carleton U., FGPA. Link
– Carleton U., FGPA. Link

Carleton Forms
– Carleton U., FGPA. Forms and Policies page. Webpage
– Carleton U., FGPA. Thesis Forms and Templates Webpage


– Brouard, F. (2007). Diapositives – Methodologie: 1) Processus PDF
– Brouard, F. (2007). Diapositives – Methodologie: 2) Mesure PDF


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