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Stock Exchanges

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
TSX Venture Exchange
Montreal Exchange / Bourse de Montréal
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE)
American Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
World Federation of Exchanges

Regulations Authorities

International Organization of Securities Commissions
Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)
/ Autorités canadiennes en valeurs mobilières (ACVM)

Ontario Securities Commission
Autorité des marchés financiers du Québec
Alberta Securities Commission
British Columbia Securities Commission
Manitoba Securities Commission
New Brunswick Securities Administration Branch
Securities Commission of Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia Securities Commission
PEI Securities Office
Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission

Company and Industry Information

SEDAR (Canadian corporate filings)
EDGAR (US corporate filings)
Annual Reports.com
Thomas Register
European Business Directory
Top 1000 Globe and Mail
Canadian Business
Kelly’s Directory (UK)
Corporate Information
US Search
Delphion (Patent)
Standard & Poors
Dominion Bond Rating Service
Dun & Bradstreet
NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)
Canada’s Securities Industry (2005)
Industrie canadienne des valeurs mobilières (2005)

Country Information

CIA fact Book

Governmental Sources

Strategis (Industry Canada)
Statistics Canada
US Securities and Exchange Commission
Econometrics Links

Financial Terminology

SEDAR Glossary of Terms

Financial Taxonomy / Taxonomie

XBRL Canada
XBRL International

Other Financial Information

Bank of Canada (foreign exchange rates)