1. Getting Started
  2. When it’s Your Turn
  3. Text Commands

We recommend accessing QLess using any web browser.

Different departments will have options to join a line for same day service, make an appointment, or both! For more information on a particular department, visit our listing.

Getting Started

How To: QLess on Mobile

How To: QLess on Desktop

When it’s Your Turn

  1. Receive a text notification.
  2. Head to the department. Make sure to follow all COVID regulations and signage!
  3. Check in.

Text Commands

Reply to your SMS (text message) reminder any time to communicate with us.

  • H Request help
  • M Request more time
  • S Check your status
  • L Leave the line
  • C Cancel your appointment
  • N# Request your estimated wait time
  • J Re-join the line if you accidentally left or arrived late

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