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  2. Join the Line
  3. Make an Appointment

We recommend accessing QLess using any web browser. Different departments will have options to join a line for same day service, make an appointment, or both! For more information on a particular department, visit our listing.

Get Started

Provide your name and cell phone number. QLess will send text messages with important information.

Next, add your student number (required) and your department or order number (optional).

Choose the department you want to visit. Tip: remember to scroll down and select “next”!

Select the service type. You can only select one, so choose the best option even if you will be asking multiple questions.

When a department gives both the option to join the line or schedule an appointment, make that selection. This will not be shown when a department is set up to only accept one or the other.

Join the Line

If you chose ‘join the line’, you’re done! Check your phone for important text message reminders and updates.

Make an Appointment

If you chose to make an appointment, you can scroll to find a date and time that works for your schedule. Please note that each department has decided how far in advance you can book. If those times are all full, you will need to check back later.

Add your name and email to receive a confirmation.

You’re done! You will receive a reminder text 24 hours before your appointment. Please leave enough time to screen into the building and find the office.

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