About RADS

Hosted in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University, the RADS Research Centre is well known for its world class research on real time and distributed systems:

  • Real-time systems: computer systems in which response time is critical, for example in aviation or vehicle control, or online interaction . An airplane course correction that is milliseconds too late can result in a crash. Timely responses are critical.
  • Distributed systems: distributed systems have many interacting elements, usually physically distributed. Examples include the many interacting microprocessors in a modern automobile, or the many servers that make up a cloud computing system.

Recent example projects:

  • Enabling technology for batch (bulk) real time and streaming data analytics. Examples include novel resource management techniques for clouds in general and for platforms that support parallel frameworks used by data analytics applications in particular. Such platforms are necessary for speeding up the performance and meeting the latency requirement of data analytics applications for enterprises as well as cyber-physical systems.
  • Cloud based platforms for smart facilities management. This research has addressed the unification of geographically distributed heterogeneous resources for the monitoring and analysis of sensor data from smart facilities such as bridges and industrial/aerospace machinery.
  • Data classification, artificial intelligence and machine learning projects that are critically important for data analytics applications. Tools and techniques for data mining, data visualization and for the analysis of internet traffic data are currently under development.

The Centre maintains close collaborations with the industrial sector.


Research Areas

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Performance Engineering
  • System Optimization
  • Resource Management
  • Middleware
  • Security
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Mobile and Wireless Systems