Following the official launch of the Carleton University Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP), we have begun the exciting work of realigning our key messages, storytelling, brand and marketing to enhance the university’s reputation at the regional, national and international levels.

We have so much to offer and to be proud of – we need to tell our story more sharply and more loudly!

Indeed, there is strong indication of a significant gap between Carleton’s considerable achievements and public perception of these achievements. For example, in the latest Maclean’s rankings, Carleton is in the Top 5 in most categories, including “overall,” but ranks #9 in subjective evaluations of reputation.

The Reputation Enhancement Project (REP) aims to define a branding position anchored in our values which is credible, distinctive and aspirational. The success of the REP will be rooted in engaging broadly with the Carleton community and external stakeholders to ensure our culture and values are well understood and well represented in the resulting work.

The REP is supported by the Banfield Agency, an independent agency based in Ottawa since 1973, as well as Ipsos, a market research firm.

We are excited to take this next step of implementing the SIP and we are committed to promoting the Carleton story vigorously and with great pride.

If you have questions about the process, please contact Tracy White at

Please return here often to review information and provide feedback and insights. We look forward to hearing from you!