1. Purpose
  2. REP-C Goals
  3. Membership and Term
  4. Purpose/Scope of Activity
  5. Conduct of Group Activity
  6. Frequency of Meetings


Reputation has a significant impact on enrolment, research funding, business partnerships, alumni engagement, fundraising and more. As such, the university must ensure all aspects of reputation building are as effective as possible. Critical contributors to reputation are the university’s brand, which captures and communicates Carleton’s distinctive strengths and unique qualities and characteristics. To reflect the importance of brand and the role that the campus community plays in its development, an ad hoc advisory group called Reputation Enhancement Project Council (REP-C) has been established. The council will act to build the strength of, interest in and affinity for Carleton’s reputation through its brand.

Chaired by the Department of University Communications, the council is a cross-campus group created to provide input, feedback, advice and recommendations on the university’s brand and reputation enhancement project. The project is intended to provide Carleton with a refreshed, distinctive and compelling identity for the university and advance the institution’s image, reputation and standing among key stakeholder audiences.

REP-C Goals

While the development of Carleton’s Reputation Enhancement Project is limited in duration, its impact, effects and outcomes are intended to drive the long-term success of the university. As with the project itself, the establishment of the council is intended to:

  • Create and enhance Carleton’s brand awareness and reputation;
  • Foster advocacy, support and pride for the university;
  • Ensure that the brand is looked at through the appropriate EDI lenses
  • Drive university success through the achievement of strategic priorities.

Membership and Term

The Council is comprised of members from the following units:

Name Title Faculty/Department/Area
Sonya Shorey Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and communications, Invest Ottawa Alumni/External
Kevin Mann Director, Operations & Planning Campus Services
Travis Lindgren General Manager Carleton University Students’ Association
Sheryl Hunt Assistant Director, Marketing and Brand Strategy Department of Recreation & Athletics
Tara Jackson Manager, Communications Department of University Communications
Tracy White Manager, Marketing Department of University Communications
Gary Nower Assistant Vice-President Facilities Management and Planning
Pauline Rankin Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Larry Kostiuk Dean, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Design
Brenda O’Neill Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs Faculty of Public Affairs
Lin Moody Graduate Communications & Strategic Enrolment Officer Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Terry Odin Assistant Director, Infrastructure and Renewal Human Resources
Benny Michaud Director, Centre for Indigenous Initiatives Centre for Indigenous Initiatives
Danny Brown Director, Enterprise Applications Information Technology Services
Alastair Mullin Director, Government Relations Office of the President
Julie Carl Research Communication Manager Office of the Vice-President (Research and International)
Benoit-Antoine Bacon President and Vice Chancellor President’s Office
Robin Ritchie Associate Dean, Professional Graduate Programs & Associate Professor, Marketing Sprott School of Business
Mawuena Torkornoo Manager, External Relations Sprott School of Business
Greg Aulenback Director, Strategic Initiatives Strategic Initiatives (Students and Enrolment)
David Hornsby Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning Services
Jen Elliott Director of the Undergraduate Recruitment Undergraduate Recruitment (Students and Enrolment)
Ryan Davies Director, Digital Transformation University Advancement
Amanda Goth University Secretary University Secretariat
Christina Flavell Director, Marketing & Branding Services Department of University Communications
Alison Gareau Director of Communications Department of University Communications
Maria DeRosa Interim Dean, Professor Faculty of Science
Ikram Jama Senior Advisor, Human Rights and Equity Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities
Tony Frost Chief Communications Officer and Associate Vice-President Department of University Communications

Purpose/Scope of Activity

  • Provide input, feedback and insights for the Reputation Enhancement Project development and materials;
  • Share relevant data, information, activities, best practices and challenges related to the project;
  • Connect operations and external groups to ensure awareness of and integration and co-ordination of brand project deliverables and outcomes;
  • Build cross-university communications and relationships to ensure brand efficacy;
  • Identify branding opportunities and investment that support project priorities;
  • Communicate, support and champion group and project’s strategy and initiatives.

Conduct of Group Activity

REP-C is an ad hoc informal group which meets monthly unless otherwise required.

The chair arranges minute-taking support for the group as appropriate. Each meeting has an agenda that is distributed in advance. All members are encouraged to submit items in advance. Meeting records include, at a minimum, meeting attendance and summary of decisions taken.

Frequency of Meetings

  • Meetings will be held monthly unless required to provide or gather input on the brand project.