People, Land, Language

Foundations for Inherent Rights Governance

June 2023, Algonquin Territory

Giuseppe Amatulli, post-doctoral fellow, Carleton University

First Nations Elders, leaders, and administrators gathered with practitioners, academics, and other experienced individuals for Rekindling the Fire at Carleton University in Algonquin territory June 11-12, 2023.  Organized by the Rebuilding First Nations Governance (RFNG) project in partnership with the Centre for First Nations Governance (CFNG), the gathering was an opportunity for partner First Nations to share and learn from each other about how they are working to overcome the Indian Act and transition to self-government under their own inherent rights.  Over 2 days of discussion it emerged that our people, language, and land are key building blocks for partner communities and nations as they rebuild their governing structures and laws to exercise their inherent rights and leave the Indian Act behind.

This report was built on notes taken by our student volunteers and research team members; a word analysis of transcripts; reviewing video recordings; and additional written literature reviews. Thank you to all our partners who agreed to have their words and images captured and shared so that others might learn from their experiences.

Read the report here: Rekindling the Fire Final Report