The Rebuilding First Nations Governance Project (RFNG) is a national alliance of First Nation communities and Tribal Councils, academic researchers and public sector practitioners created to support First Nations that have made the decision to transition from the Indian Act to their own inherent rights governance. This six-year applied action research project is supported by a $2.5M SSHRC Partnership Grant awarded in 2020. Through a process of community-led research, reflection and action, we aim to help communities replace the Indian Act with effective and legitimate First Nation governance based on the strategic direction of the community.

We want to make our work accessible to those people who might use it.  We will produce a variety of research products over the course of 6 years, including video presentations and interviews, fact sheets or briefing notes, as well as academic publications.  Everything will be posted to this website and freely available to use.  Please credit RFNG and any listed authors when you do use it.