2022 Lawmaking for Nation Rebuilding Think Tank

How First Nations are reclaiming their right to self-government Written by Ben Sylvestre

Lawmaking for Nation Rebuilding – Learning from Nipissing Written by Julie Williams

Lawmaking for Nation Rebuilding – Learning from Listuguj Written by Judy Oduro

Lawmaking for Nation Rebuilding – Indigenous Lawmaking in relation to the Canadian Constitution and Common Law Written by Amsey Maracle

How Indigenous Nations Have Been Transforming Public Policy through the Courts Written by Satsan (Herb George), Kent McNeil, Frances Abele, from E. Lindquist, M. Howlett, G. Skogstad, G. Tellier, P. ‘t Hart. eds. Policy Success in Canada: Cases, Lessons, Challenges. Oxford University Press, 2022.

Download the book ‘Policy Success in Canada’ from the publisher here.

Indigenous Law and the Common Law (Written by K. McNeil)

Sharing the Land Sharing the Future. Chapter 1- Completing Confederation, The Necessary Foundation (Written by Abele, Alexiuk, MacQuarrie & Satsan)

Like an Ill-Fitting Boot- Government, Governance and Management Systems in the Contemporary Indian Act (Written by F. Abele)